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About SGD

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The SGD Team


Founded in 2013, the business quickly earned a reputation with Native communities by offering its personalized support services for various matters and projects related to territorial management and development. Over time, and thanks to its extensive network of contacts, the business was able to diversify its activities.


This diversification was also possible through the enhancement of our team, made up of individuals who are committed to working in a respectful and responsible work environment.

Today, SGD forest engineers and technicians share their knowledge in the field of sustainable forest management, geomatics, and project management to help bring your projects to life.

The SGD team can help you out with various aspects of your project: multi-resource forest management plans, forest inventory, forest work monitoring, management support, business plans, and business startup.

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Our Mission


Act as a forest and territorial management consultant.
In an effort to continuously improve our services, establish professional work standards to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. 
Contribute, through a responsible approach, to sustainable development.


Our Team

Yves Paquette,

SGD President & Forest Engineer


Originally from the Estrie region, Yves Paquette obtained a bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment from the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics of the Université Laval in 1999.
He is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec (OIFQ) and has worked in many of Québec’s regions, including the Abitibi, Témiscamingue, Outaouais, Laurentides, Lanaudière, and Mauricie regions. He has harnessed his expertise to carry out projects in several branches of the forestry industry, such as planning, sylviculture, and forest operations. 
In 2013, he launched SGD, a forest engineering and project management firm. Since then, he has been putting his expertise and network of contacts at his clients’ service.

Xavier Noël Monastesse,

Forest Engineer


As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment obtained from the Université Laval in 2018, Xavier has experienced diverse internship settings; he has worked for businesses and the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, and even has experience in urban forestry.
Throughout his studies, he specialized in geomatics, more specifically in LiDAR data processing; as a matter of fact, his final year project focused on using LiDAR for sawmills’ supply processes. This newly graduated forest engineer brings a 4.0 vision to the SGD team.

Pascal Bibeau,

Forest Technician


Pascal has deep roots in his native Témiscamingue region and has worked in the area in the forest industry for some twenty years. Following his forestry studies at the Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue in the mid-1990s, he acquired skills and knowledge in many branches of the forestry and wood processing industries. Today, his work focuses mainly on project management, forest roads, forest operations, and the monitoring of sylvicultural work.


He is also recognized for his involvement in Aboriginal forestry and territorial management with the Algonquin Nation. He is a great asset to the SGD team, as he is a skilled communicator and always openly shares his knowledge and ideas.

Caroline Legault,

Forest Technician


Since her family has been in the forest industry for generations, Caroline has taken part in the family business’s success from an early age.

She has technical training in forestry and accounting, and her resourcefulness and dynamic character make her a valuable partner.

She provides technical and administrative support to ensure SGD’s success.


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